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Eagle Eye PRO exists to make excellent, dynamic, ongoing formation available to you and your whole family at home. We want to help work around your busy schedule so that you don’t have to wait for the next event in your area!

Watch PRO Videos

Two new PRO videos are made available every week, and PRO Members have access to ALL the videos released since PRO launched!

Attend PRO Webinars

Join Fr. Nathan twice a month for 60- to 90-minute Fireside Chats! Past Chat topics have included The Philosophy of Community, The Priesthood and Its Struggles, and The Task of Evangelization.

Join PRO Small Groups

Up to 10 PRO members at a time may join the Brothers and Sisters of St. John for 40-minute Bible study sessions (Lectio Divina). These small groups have the opportunity to meet twice a month online. Sessions focus on the Gospel passage for the upcoming Sunday.

Marian Consecration

Have you ever considered making your total Consecration to Jesus through Mary? The preparation videos are available year-round, but PRO members are invited to prayerfully consider joining each other for the Consecration preparation period ending on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! PRO members receive a FREE download of the PDF version of Totus Tuus, and are invited to opening and closing webinars with the author of Totus Tuus, Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ.

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Frequently Asked

Is a subscription to Eagle Eye PRO tax-deductible?

An Individual or Family subscription to Eagle Eye PRO is not a tax-deductible donation due to the content which comes with the subscription fee. A Gift Suscription to Eagle Eye PRO is tax-deductible for the individual who made the gift. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, without accessing PRO content, please visit our Support EEM page.

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